Ruth Osborne Therapy Counselling & Psychotherapy
in Waterloo & London Bridge

What You Can Expect

Therapy and counselling sessions
I offer open-ended therapy which lasts for as long as you need, and short-term counselling for around 12 sessions. Each therapy session is for 50 minutes and is at the same time and on the same day each week.

The cost of counselling or therapy sessions is on a sliding scale, and dependant on your financial or personal situation. However, sessions usually start from £65 and with no upper limit. Fees are agreed at the beginning, along with your chosen method of payment, which includes cash, cheque or bank transfer.

I do offer some reduced fee/low income appointments, but this is subject to availability.

Initial consultation
Once I hear from you, I will contact you within two working days to arrange a time for us to talk on the phone. We will then arrange to meet for one or two initial consultations to discuss your particular needs and how we might best work together. The initial consultation fee is £70.

Missed appointments
Once therapy or counselling has been agreed this time will be reserved just for you. Therefore payment for all sessions is essential, so as to offer security and consistency. However, you will not be charged for sessions when I am unavailable to meet with you, such as two weeks in March/April, two to three weeks in August/September and two weeks in December/January or other exceptional circumstances. In all cases, and where possible, you will be given plenty of notice.

If you change your mind
If, during the initial consultation, you feel that therapy or counselling does not best suit your needs at this time, then I will endeavour to help you to seek out the most appropriate support. Also, once we start you can cancel your counselling or therapy sessions at any time. However, I do ask that you give four weeks' notice so we have time to think about ending.

The only exceptions to keeping confidentiality could be where there is a risk of harm to yourself or others and requirements of law. In such circumstances I shall make every effort to talk to you about this first.

Call or text me on 07967 204 528, or email me at [email protected]

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