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Considering Counselling or Therapy

Why would I choose counselling or therapy?
Counselling and therapy is for people with a wide range of concerns and from all different backgrounds. Some people are looking for meaning in their lives, whist others want to deal with specific problems. Either way, it is a brave step to take and an attempt to make sense of life's experiences.

I usually only speak to my family and friends. What difference will it make with someone I do not know?
In the beginning the therapist is someone you do not know. But it is a new relationship and one where you meet on the same day at the same time every week. It is also a relationship that is entirely for you.

I have heard that counselling and therapy may make me feel worse. Is this true?
There are times in counselling and therapy when acknowledging feelings that may have been hidden or avoided for some time, such as loss of a loved one, remembering past events, and concerns with present relationships, can be upsetting. This is where the relationship with the therapist is important and that the counselling or therapy is given time for you to work through these feelings, at your own pace, and move on to a more fulfilled sense of who you are.

How long does counselling or therapy last?
My therapeutic practice does not define the length of counselling or therapy, but is discussed and worked out in the initial meeting based on what you want and the concerns you have.

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